1. Hello! I'm Hayley!
  2. I'm a Graphic Designer for a non-profit in Atlanta
    Please don't call it Hotlanta.
  3. I have a toothless mutt named Penny Lane
    I dare you to find a better dog than her.
  4. I'm also a certified Disney Vacation Planner
    My title is quite literally "Mouse Counselor". 🐭
  5. I used to live in South Africa
    Best year of my life so far, hands down. I did social media and content for a non-profit and worked with vulnerable children in a Township outside of Johannesburg.
  6. I am a pencil in the hand of the Author of Life
    I follow His lead and just try not to get in the way. ✍🏽
  7. I have an actress for a sister
    To say I'm the less dramatic one is an understatement.
  8. I pride myself on my Spotify Playlist skills
    I curate playlists for Solohope.org and #SistersinTransit. Aaaand It took a lot for me not to spell skills with a z. No idea what that's about.
  9. I am too old to be obsessed with Harry Potter
    GRIFFINDOR! ⚡🦁️🚂👓😻
  10. My Dad is a pastor and Executive Producer; My Mom is the most creative, selfless person I know.
    I have a lot to live up to.
  11. More than anything, I love to travel and experience new cultures
    My Bucket List goes on for miles. Currently I'm dying to get to Iceland and to be in Prague at Christmas.