Thoughts I had upon realizing a business used my photography without giving credit

I stayed at the Pilanesberg Game Lodge in South Africa three years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorite vacations of all time. However, I recently noticed that they used one of the photos I took as their profile picture without giving me credit.
  1. Oh cool! That's my photo!
  2. Wait, they didn't give me credit.
  3. Should I be offended?
  4. Maybe I should call them out on it. Photographers make their livelihood off of receiving credit for their work.
  5. Oh, you know what, never mind. I forgot copyrights don't exist in Africa.
  6. Hence that one chicken restaurant appropriately named "Chicken" that used the Chick-fil-A "C" in its logo.
  7. Oh well... this is still pretty cool.