1. waking up at 6:40am 5 out of 7 days.
    it's literally such a struggle for me to get up at the butt crack of dawn, get dressed and mentally prepare myself for what I'm going to endure for the next 8 hours. I'm really surprised I haven't cried yet.
  2. psychotic teachers
    why are you giving me a 10 page packet with 738929277 questions THATS DUE THE NEXT DAY!? IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED!?!?!!!?
  3. hormone enraged teenagers
    Listen, love is great and everything but I REALLY DONT WANT TO WATCH YOU HAVE SEX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY WHILE IM ON MY WAY TO MY NEXT CLASS. go suck your significant other's face off in the janitor's closet or something.
  4. slow walkers
    hmmmmmmohmygoshhhh. I've got 4 minutes to get to my class and you're in my way, please don't cuss me out when I cut in front of you. you caused this.
    @crowleyisd what's the deal with the ac?! it's below 0 everywhere in this building, ya girl can't catch a break!
  6. I cannot snack in peace
    every time I eat, there's always at least ONE random person in my class that have the audacity to come up to me and say "can I have some?" booooy get your crusty, dusty, musty booty out of my face bye.
  7. no animals allowed
    school would be A LOT better if I could bring my cat/ hedgehog with me
  8. I "have" to wear pants
    apparently it's against the dress code to go to school in your underwear???? this reason alone gets me heated.
    they either smell like straight up butt crackle or, straight up weed. on a good day, both at the same time. loooove it.
  10. loud people
    why are you yelling? shut your throat, you're annoying and no one is even listening anyways.