1. Tinder is the worst
    I had many successful tinder dates but when it comes down to it, I ONLY met guys on Tinder. I'd love to either approach someone or be approached by someone who noticed me for more than just a few well lit selfies and two lines in my bio.
  2. Netflix and Chill
    This is all anyone wants to do anymore! This is some people's idea of a first date! And what's worse is that I went along with it!!1! You can get to know someone in public where they don't try to put their hand down your pants within the first fifteen minutes.
  3. Texting
    Texting is my least favorite mode of communication. Unless you are on of my closest friends, I'm not going to know how to read you over text and I will text you too much and you will freak out because men apparently hate pleasant conversation.
  4. It's weird that I don't want you flirting with other girls???
    I don't get why I'm "crazy" because it bothers me when you talk about other girls all the time. Of course it does. I like you. I should want to be with you and I shouldn't want to share you with the world because isn't that the point of dating??? I don't know why this is so weird, of course I'm jealous, we're supposed to be a team and we can't be a team if you're playing the field buddy!
  5. Ghosting
    Why is it okay for you to just never say anything to me again? Hint: IT ISN'T. Look BRO, it you don't wanna date me, that's cool! We don't have to date! Just SAY SO, and I will leave you alone forever and we can go about our merry way! Ghosting is selfish and cruel and it doesn't let anyone have any closure. Are we really that pathetic that we can't be honest and let people move on?
  6. Goals for 2016: less sex, more conversation. Less texting, more face time (the real kind). They aren't kidding when they say that communication is really everything.