Just turn on predictive text, and just let it happen. You can be methodical, or you can be haphazard and see where it takes you! Whatever happens, it's pretty ominously indicative of what's going on in your world.
  1. I just got a lot to me that I'm not going anywhere in life and the rest is a year ago today my life and you can get the best of all we have
  2. I just want to go to sleep and wake up and go back to sleep and wake up and go back to sleep now goodnight
  3. I'm at a time when you are a lot of people who are you
  4. I'm not going to be the same as the most beautiful girl in the world and I don't have a lot more to do. I'm not a bad thing. I just got home.
  5. I just want to go back to the point where you are the only thing that could make it so much better. Now that I'm not sure what you are, you have a lot to do. That is the most important thing to me.