Is it even 9 am yet? No. Am I still struggling? Of course.
  1. Coffee
    This is, without a doubt, the number one thing keeping me awake/alive this morning. Without it, I'm not sure where I would be. And it's in a cute little travel mug! Yay!
  2. Thoughts of cute boys
    All my little school girl crushes are catching up with me hehe
  3. My cute outfit
    Did I repeat it from last week? Yes. Do I care? No? Do I like formatting my ideas into questions that I immediately answer myself? Obviously a little too much.
  4. The first rehearsal for my play!!
    I wrote a play for our student play/literature festival and I get to start directing my cute little cast tonight! I can't wait to just play and see what they already start bringing to the table!
  5. My best friend and I are going to the opera tonight!
    Sure, maybe I don't understand Italian and it's going to be slightly confusing, but it's music, and music almost always moves me in some way. Plus, my best friend is here from Chicago, so that's always a treat!