1. Asked for 4 refills on my fully poured 12 oz plastic cup of red wine
  2. Ate only the chocolate pudding and nothing else from my inflight meal
  3. Threw away the tube of toothpaste the guy in front of me left in the airplane bathroom
  4. Lied when he asked me if I saw his toothpaste after I exited the airplane bathroom
  5. Got into a heated whispered discussion about whether you still own something after you've left it in an airport bathroom
  6. Bawled during the entire ending scene of Trainwreck with Amy Schumer
  7. Told @danield my top 10 list of men I would like to be married to
  8. Realized that the line from my #1 favorite song "Sorry" by Justin Bieber is "I just need one more shot at forgiveness" and not "I just need one more shot and half a Guinness"
  9. When asked what language I need my entrance form in, replied "American?"