Vegas' sights and sounds alone are overwhelming. That's not to mention the politics behind the city...
  1. If society ever made a monument to capitalism, it would look a lot like Las Vegas.
  2. Every carpet in this hotel meant to shout "I'm luxurious." Now they're shouting together and I have a sensory-overload-headache.
  3. Should we be alarmed that there are trucks that drive billboards around town? Further, that there's demand and an industry for trucks that drive billboards around town?
  4. Vegas entrepreneurs are held up as examples of American self-made success stories. Problematics this by noting that they were driven by excessive greed. (Ex. Steve Wynn "bet" 200 mil on a venture that would make 3bil in the end. Because 200mil wasn't enough.)
  5. Casinos take in obscene amounts of cash, which people pay for the opportunity to lose, which they choose to do to prove they're secure in their place in the capitalist system (and can afford to take the hit.) Which isn't wrong or anything, but seems weird.
  6. Can you imagine if casinos gave 15% of their revenue to charity? Or if, in absence of casinos, gamblers directed their funds elsewhere? How many more jobs could be created in sectors that add to overall public good?