You know you went to an awesome school if, out of context, your projects sounded something like this...
  1. Toothpick bridge
  2. Making prayer books
  3. Life size dome made out of straws and tape. Must fit entire 3rd grade class.
  4. Guidebook to canada
  5. Sending paper dolls across the world (I'm looking at you Flat Stanley)
  6. Tree branches that symbolize your favourite activities
  7. Repurpose old chairs. Relate to the holocaust.
  8. Totem pole of food groups
  9. Prove that 7-8pm on Friday lasts 18 minutes
  10. Biography of a Babylonian exile. Use song lyrics if possible.
  11. Gymnastics routine in french
  12. Lobby on behalf of humanitarian refugees. Keep in mind you're in 6th grade.
  13. Artist statement about triangles. Every angle must be a metaphor.
  14. Rube goldbergs that convert 5 forms of energy. Portable. No electronics.
  15. Parody of dragon's den: god's den. Pitch theological interpretations.
  16. Pack a suitcase as Harry Potter
  17. Drum about human rights
  18. 2 page paper on evolution of screws. Must be analogous to theory of human evolution.
  19. 5 page paper about a fruit in 5th grade
  20. Write about Babar the elephant in French. Have you grandma accused of writing it for you (she doesn't speak French).
  21. Origami in other languages