Hint: not much
  1. Answer pointless questions
    How many pairs of shorts do you own? How's that chair we got doing? Are you shaving yet ? When's the last time you ate some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter?
  2. Play board games
    Preferably one that is quiet and calm.... Spoons if she is in the mood for a bit of a romp
  3. Drink Coke
    She thinks it's a treat so we play along
  4. Go to Goodwill
    Always on the hunt for a the illusive .99 cent puzzle with 300 prices of medium size.
  5. Peruse her many collections
    Woody dolls? she has them! Beanie baby's? You know it!
  6. Re organize the display case
    Rotates between Elvis , Easter, Coke, thanksgiving, and Christmas
  7. Watch the price is right
    I think she has the hots for Drew Carey