1. Watching spongebob squarepants
    To be honest , I do think I will ever stop watching spongebob. The main reason is Patrick star, who truly is one of the best characters ever on television
  2. Order chocolate milk at fine dining establishments
    I don't know why but chocolate milk has a hold on me that I never will fully understand. Trust me I know it is wrong but most places have it so someone else must be ordering it.
  3. Sing the Abc's when I brush my teeth
    At this point in my life it is more out of habit than anything.
  4. Sleep with a nightlight.....
    Not that I'm scared of the dark it's just that when ever I get up I don't wanna be tripping on stuff.
  5. Gif above does not fit but it is what pops up when you search nightlight-
    It is a surprisingly dark image for that search