1. In America
    Irish family move to NYC. New York is a dream of mine - visiting it, living there, whatever - so pretty much any film set there is going to be good with me. It's pretty sentimental and the characters are particularly interesting
  2. It's Kind of a Funny Story
    I really love this - before you watch it you think it's 'just another rom com,' but it contains important messages and I feel like I took a lot from it. The overarching storyline is a bit blegh but the details are beautiful.
  3. Happy Feet Two
    I know what you're thinking. I didn't even watch the whole thing, but the first 20/30mins are the most fun and ...happy... thing, and something that makes you smile and laugh is never bad.
  4. Paddington
    Paddington is such a famous figure for children, for me as I grew up. Seeing Paddington as a sort of real bear with real people (ie: not a cartoon) is so cool, especially being set in London and mostly in the area my best friend recently moved to.
  5. The Baxter
    It's worth stopping Criminal Minds at 1am for.
  6. The Art of Getting By
    Pretty similar to It's Kind of a Funny Story in the way it made me feel and 'inspired' me. The main character (played by Freddie Highmore) basically has a never-ending existential crisis, and the film covers how he gets over that and pulls himself into the world and learns how to give a shit about 'meaningless' stuff. Also, there's something intriguing about Freddie Highmore - I think he's around the same age as me and he's just always been in films I've seen as I've grown up.
  7. The Kings of Summer
    I first saw this a couple of years ago when I was off school, and I proceeded to watch it about five more times in very quick succession. It reminds me of Stand By Me, which is the best.
  8. Stand By Me
    I just really love coming of age films.
  9. 3096 Days
    Based on the true story of a girl who was kidnapped aged 10 and escaped age 18. Clearly disturbing/upsetting but it's fantastically made and moves quickly considering it was mostly filmed in one tiny room. Worth watching.
  10. Kingsman
    Everyone needs something bizarre to watch, and this film fits that perfectly.
  11. Love Actually
  12. Hot Fuzz
    My brother and I could recite the entire film without a script. SO GOOD SO FUNNY THE BEST
  13. Almost Famous
    Relate to it because I'm very into (like, very) some artists/bands. Hi Jack!