Last 4 Photos on My Camera Roll, Captioned

scared about what this could bring forward. some things may have to be skipped because i stalk. a lot.
  1. ah yes. @jackantonoff's snapchat is full of wonders.
    This is something I didn't know I needed until I saw it.
  2. I am on my way to Bristol to go to a concert at Thekla, which is a boat.
    I took this selfie because my best friend and I were discussing the delightful food and drink we had purchased for the journey. Can't go wrong with a good bottle of water, gotta b hot n healthy y'all.
  3. British Bread.
    I regularly communicate with many Americans (and one Australian) and many of our discussions involve cultural differences. Last night the group chat was all about the bread.
  4. Caito Potatoe, the best thing to happen to Facebook.
    Was watching Caito with pals at university and closed my laptop part way through one. Hours later I opened my laptop and was greeted by this, so obviously I sent it to the uni group chat. Life is an endless tunnel of group chats.