There's a really terrible thing in my life where people are like "so, uh.. Do you like anything other than Bleachers?" On one level they can fuck off and on another level I get it because Bleachers/Steel Train constitute 10% of my iTunes library and 60% of my tweets. Thing is, I listen to a lot of other music and here are some of my favs.
  1. Future Islands
    Recommended to me by Nate Harold, (you'll see this as a common theme.) they are sick and cool and a real thrill! Like so many artists, I had to start on the most recent album and work backwards - I always listen to them when I don't know what to listen to. I think that's a compliment?
  2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Again, thanks Nate! Likewise on the listening from newest album and working backwards. I saw them live before I knew the first two albums and despite arriving after doors I still ended up standing front centre which felt so shitty, but great!
  3. Youth Lagoon
    Floaty and magical. I recently got the Savage Hills Ballroom record, which for some reason I took a long time to get into but once you're into it... You're into it. Also Youth Lagoon & UMO both played incredible sets at Pitchfork Paris - both on YouTube.
  4. The National
    Perfect for when you feel like shit.
  5. Lucius
    Currently an artist I haven't bought anything by - in the Spotify listening stage. I think they did a cover on Bleachers Terrible Thrills vol 2. I tend to not be as into female voices, but they are enchanting and beautiful.
  6. EL VY
    The National, but happier.
  7. Joywave
    They are a dumb band who released two 'mixtapes' which are free on their website - they also have two albums but for some reason I love the mixtapes (which are entirely made by them, so more like albums?) more than the albums. Huge mixture of different sounds and genres... Fascinating.
  8. Paul Thomas Saunders
    Really stressful because no one knows him and he's INCREDIBLE.
  9. The War on Drugs
    Another one to thank Nate for, lol. They are a lot like Youth Lagoon etc in their floaty and dreamy nature.
  10. Albert Hammond Jr.
    He's in The Strokes, and his solo stuff is great. I saw him live a while ago and it was an interesting experience because it was one of my first shows that was mostly populated by bearded middle aged men.
  11. Sam Dew
    Also in the Spotify listening stage - he played Shadow Of The City and I only just got round to checking his stuff out - a good decision.
  12. Pink Floyd
  13. Mike Oldfield
    My dad has all his records ⚡️⚡️
  14. David Bowie
    My mum has all his records ⚡️⚡️