These are things I've come across, or are trending that advertise (some rightfully so) that they'll completely change my life for the better, give me longevity, better health, & a better life. Some things I've done, dabbled in, or have begun to some degree. The reasons for NOT doing them vary. Time, laziness, disinterest, unwillingness...etc
  1. Whole House Water Purification. I 100% want to do this. I completely buy that it will change my life. We'll never have water spots again, my cleaning will become abundantly easier, it will save me loads of money in household products, my hair & skin will be gorgeous, and I'll live forever. But it's a big investment that's not in our top priorities
  2. Cut out all sugar. I'll gain super powers. However...I just don't want to give it up. Ever.
  3. Drink 85 oz of water a day. Some days I try. Some days half of that is coffee.
  4. Finish KonMari-ing my life. Love me some Konmari. If I could finish the process, I just know my house would be spotless and beautiful all the time.
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  5. Have a Zero Waste Home. But seriously, who's got time for that nonsense??
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  6. Compost. Where am I going to put that now?
  7. Go all in Essential Oils, baby. I use maybe 3 right now. I don't have a diffuser or roll-on applicators or whatever else there is. It just feels like one of those things that will need to come with a 20lb book of all the concoctions and combinations I will need. Let's chalk this one up to laziness and disinterest.
  8. Use baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil to their maximum potentials. I probably will live forever folks.
  9. Drink and eat more fermented edibles. Pass the kombucha and sauerkraut bitte.