Eenie meenie miney mo...
  1. Static
    I took this photo because I was bored and was trying out the camera functions on my phone. It took a while for it to focus. This was my best shot. My sister loves Orchids and it was in her kitchen and I thought it would make a good test subject and send her a nice photo of the plant before it dies.
  2. Static
    My lost pets that have probably passed away from the urban jungle. I miss them so much. This photo is one of the few shots where you can see Horatios eyes.
  3. This is also one of the last photos of my guinea pig. This is Morten.
  4. My first catch and spotting of a Pokemon that wasn't a Pigey, Zubat or Rattata.
  5. While Summer isn't my favourite season, and no, it is not because my birthday happens to be in Summer but it's a great time to make ice tea. Homemade blueberry,mint and strawberry syrup mixed with jasmine green tea.