1. Laundry in Winter
    It makes me realise how much clothes I own. Especially when I complain that I have nothing to wear and then I look at the corner and there happens to be 3 baskets full of laundry to wash and sort and you don't own a tumble dryer
  2. Washing Dishes
    Living in an asian household and having different methods of washing... and storing things. When living with the parents I tend to avoid doing it all costs because (a) it's overwhelming (b) mum has her own way of doing things (c) when I do it my way she yells at me.
  3. Traffic
    Road rage + stress= stressed out road raged panic attack... no bueno
  4. When there is a delay/s on public transport
    Because I just want to go home and every commuter just wants to go home and with that mentality everyone is just grumpy. Especially if it's a delay on a VERY hot day
  5. Changing my nephew's (or any infants) nappy/diaper
    Self explanatory. Eeeww baby poop.