✈️Best vacation spots I've ever been to

I am not the most traveled person around but heres a handful of places you should go to!
  1. Taveuni Fiji
    Nicest people I've ever met. All around beautiful natural island. Be nice to the gardener at the resort, he is probably also the chef and the lead singer of the band in the resort lobby. Did I mention they are the nicest people ever??
  2. Santorini Greece
    Watch Asian tourists take hundreds of pictures of a plate of food. Beautiful views from everywhere on the island. Rent a quad and roam all over the streets. Great food, historical sites, and black/red/whites sand beaches on the small island!
  3. Amalfi Coast Italy
    Amazing cliffs, cool shops, and go to La Tagliata for the funnest most delicious dinner of your life. Don't be hungover for your guided tour along the extremely windy roads.
  4. Chichenitza, near Cancun Mexico
    If you don't get cutoff from the pool bar, you aren't taking advantage of that "all inclusive" package. *pro tip- swim up pool bar is also a bathroom (# 1only) We just relaxed at our resort for the week so i don't have a lot to say about Cancun but if you go there its worth the trip to visit these ancient pyramids.