1. It's a selfish dick move
  2. Inconsiderate ass-hats don't "own" the internet so stop with the "It's your own fault for not watching quick enough and being on the Internet."
  3. Consideration has no statute of limitations.
  4. If you do, you deserve a Trump presidency.
  5. In this day and age, most people don't watch "live." They may not get a chance to get to something for days/weeks/months. If you get to watch as it airs or soon after, then yay for you and your super privileged life.
  6. Consideration costs nothing. Does it really degrade your quality of life to not immediately post spoilers on the Internet? Does typing "SPOILERS" as a warning really just chap your ass with the immense inconvenience and effort it takes?
  7. You don't want to be more annoying than Joffrey or more of a dick than Ramsay Bolton.
  8. That coy, vague thing you think is witty and not spoilery? You're wrong on all counts.
  9. I have more examples and comparisons but they would be spoilery so I'M NOT POSTING THEM.