1. Live tweeting/posting anything. Especially sports. It's just like I'm there watching play by play! Whether I want to be or not! How about if I live tweet everything I watch? "Oh man! He just killed that dude!" "Holy crap! The Doctor almost died!" "That deck hand had a swollen testicle! DAMN!"
  2. Weather posts consisting of single words like "RAIN" or better yet pictures of people's car dashboard temperature readings.
  3. Religion/Politics/iPhone vs. Android/PC vs mac posts. So much civil and insightful conversation leading to more open minds and people changing their views! The snarkier the better! I've learned there's not room for multiple opinions in the world! Like Highlander, there can be only one!
  4. Pictures of food. How did I live so long without knowing what everyone was eating? Dark times, man. Dark times.
  5. Automated posts from other services telling me what people just watcherd/listened to/or what exercise you just did. I'm glad the robot overlords are keeping me apprised of your every move. Exxxxxcellent.
  6. "Sky is falling" posts. I was completely unaware that every program, website, food, and pretty much everything else was going to kill me and steal my information and identity and was pretty much the most evil thing ever. But I guess it makes sense with the aforementioned robot overlords.
  7. Post about children and pets. Not just any posts about them, but when that seems to be the sum total of someone's identity and the only thing they ever post about. This way it's like I'm getting 2 or more friends in one!
  8. Spoilers. Even vague spoilers that you think aren't spoilers and yet have me guessing the end or watching for that moment you alluded to.
  9. Double posts from various platforms. Oh look! A picture! And there it is again cross posted from Instagram! And again from Twitter. I am cross poster but I manually delete any duplications so there's only one per platform.
  10. Complaint posts. I'm surprised there wasn't more spontaneous human combustion before people could come to social media to complain about stuff. Like Social media posts. Wait...AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH *is launched off the bridge into the chasm*