Five best bands I've seen live

it's really a matter of opinion but I think these are the best live bands
  1. Rammstein
    You can't beat a giant penis being ridden by the lead singer of a German metal band... Just after their keyboardist has just seemingly been burnt alive by molten metal on stage. If you don't like German shock metal (what's wrong with you?) Then just go for the show!!!
  2. NIN
    Nine Inch Nails...a nineties/early millennium band that basically cultivated the best of 80s pop and synthetic with industrial sounds. The light show is fucking insane and the music is better... Watch them
  3. Machine Head
    Not everyone's cup of tea... And to be honest they were never mine either... But.. after seeing these metal heads live I completely changed perspective... Fucking amazing.
  4. Steel Panther
    Sure. They're a parody act. But the thing is... They're not really. They're an amazing retro hair metal band that poke fun at everything. Girlfriends, work, vaginas, penises...ok, their material isn't exactly life changing... But their live show definitely is!
  5. Deftones
    Ok, so this one is special to me... Deftones came to London and had a random 'secret' gig at a London university.... It was a small hall with about 500 people. It was honestly the best experience with a band I have ever had. Firstly, a band I love, secondly a small/intimate venue. I had Chino stage diving in my head sweat dropping in my face. Very weird, but most epic time in my gigging life.
  6. Limp bizkit
    (slight caveat here, I know I've gone over five... But the I one above, Deftones, is an experience that many won't have the opportunity to have) so... Limp bizkit!!!! If you hate 90s 'nu metal' then that's OK...a lot of people do. I don't though. But I understand why people don't like it. But let me say this... Limp bizkit are fucking amazing live. Their energy is second to none, honestly. I've never been so hyped for a gig I wasn't expecting to be great as I was that night.