Some sci-fi books that may be a little left field or you may have already heard of them
  1. Wool - Hugh Howey
    There's a series of three books, the first being called 'Wool', the second is 'Shift' and the last is 'Dust' them. They're brilliant.
  2. Ready player one - Ernest Cline
    Brilliant near future book about a kid who's really great at gaming and 80's trivia... Which suits him perfectly for the tasks he's about to face in this VR dominated world.
  3. The sundered - Ruthanne Reid
    A very different twist and turn story with a pretty unique angle. Really enjoyed this one.
  4. Yesterday's Gone - Sean Platt and David Wright
    This one has been constantly developed with a new series coming be honest I haven't finished all of them but after having a break I'm definitely going back to it. It's a post apocalypse story that has a mysterious entity playing games with the humans that remain.
  5. Half way home - Hugh Howey
    A great shorter story by Hugh Howey about survivors of crashed explorer ship where they have to figure out how to survive and what their mission actually is.