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So many things I carefully curated but she found these on her own
  1. Finding Dory
  2. Clifford
  3. Mickey Mouse
    You'll notice the trifecta is present in this photo.
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Inspired by @kaitmaree
  1. "Your happy baby tells me you're doing a great job."
  2. "I wish I had the courage to do something daring with my hair."
  3. "You look so happy."
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Especially when crossing a state as big as Texas
  2. No seatbelts required. I am always feeling cramped in the car. I can lay however is comfortable in the train.
  3. Holding a baby rather than strapping her into the car seat
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When I should be sleeping
  1. Because Jules and and Wren are both asleep and I am finally alone
  2. I'm worried I will oversleep
  3. I want to play Walking Dead:the game uninterrupted
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Inspired by @bookishclaire
  1. A walker shaped like a tiny stroller I bought on a local bst app. So cute!!!
  2. A nerdy book that is on its way to me. I will be the one barefoot and meditating to try and commune with birds. Be forewarned.
  3. Taken to show my dad that yes, there IS an international symbol for breastfeeding and businesses use them all the time!
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