Reasons Amtrak Train Travel is superior to Car Travel

Especially when crossing a state as big as Texas
  2. No seatbelts required. I am always feeling cramped in the car. I can lay however is comfortable in the train.
  3. Holding a baby rather than strapping her into the car seat
  4. It's very quiet. Most people are sleeping or relaxing in the coach cars.
  5. Dining while moving!
  6. Being able to nurse on demand. Can't express how much this helps a baby when she is traveling and completely off her schedule.
  7. The views. You truly see parts of the country you just wouldn't see otherwise.
  8. Bathroom breaks while still traveling.
  9. Togetherness! Julian doesn't mind driving but I have so enjoyed spending time with him!
  10. Naps and naps and naps.