The best chronological memories I could muster of the alter egos I've assumed on October 31st.
  1. 11 days old: Newborn. Don't be ridiculous.
  2. 2 years old: Pumpkin. Every parent in the 80's was obligated to dress their child as a pumpkin on their first official Halloween. (They were not obligated, however, to learn how to correctly focus a camera lens.)
  3. 3 years old: The Easter Bunny. Parents were confused about the holiday being celebrated?
  4. 4 years old: Disgruntled Mermaid. This tail did not have enough flair for my liking.
  5. 6 years old: Bat Girl. Hand sewn by my mother and easily the most badass costume I've ever worn.
  6. 8 years old: Princess Jasmine. Bra top layered over a white turtleneck, for modesty. Photos could not be found - likely deleted for fear of scandal.
  7. 9-14: Dark years for me, photo-wise. Middle school was unkind.
  8. 14-18: Too old for kid Halloweens, too young for adult Halloweens.
  9. 19 years old: Ladybug. Paired the slutty bodycon dress with a black cardigan, tights and sensible flats. 🤓.
  10. 20 years old: Pirate. Uninspired - I think I borrowed an outfit from someone who lived on my hall. Crafted my own pirate's hook from my index and middle fingers.
  11. 21 years old: Bedazzler. Sprayed a jean shirt with glitter from a spray can. Lived in glitter for remainder of the year.
  12. 22 years old: Angelica Pickles from "Rugrats." As a kindred only child spirit, I considered AP my evil twin. Cynthia doll was found in literally this exact frayed condition at the Harrisonburg Goodwill. @kbbenton
  13. 23 years old: Helga Pataki from "Hey Arnold." Stuck with a theme here, but didn't execute as well. Got drunk and tried to paint Arnold's face on my cheek. Later stole fake, decorative rats from NYC bar (as Helga would have wanted).
  14. 24 years old: Puppy. The closest I've come so far to actually having a 🐶 of my own. @vaezitj
  15. 25-27 years old: Too old for Halloween again?
  16. 28 years old: Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie & Clyde). The beret was the only addition I had to make to my wardrobe. Took it off and wore this outfit to work the next Monday. @kbbenton @katewilliams86 @vaezitj @kathrynbelcher
  17. 29 years old: Spirit Animal (Fox). Halloween costume and daily loungewear, best of both worlds. Oldest Halloween yet = most comfortable Halloween yet. @katewilliams86 @vaezitj @kbbenton