1. From the day eggnog is put on the shelf, to the day it leaves, he has a carton in our fridge.
    Makes me feel less lame about being all about eggnog.
  2. He lets me wear his t-shirts and doesn't even complain about it.
  3. He likes TV. I don't have to feel guilty about how much I like it.
  4. He lets me read. Dinner not started? Laundry not hung up? Who cares? It will get done when I'm done reading. He's cool with that.
  5. He gives really REALLY great gifts.
  6. He shamelessly posts about me on Insta.
  7. He will dress down if he knows I want to.
    That way I don't feel awkward.
  8. He gives my blog link to everyone.
  9. He's a chameleon.
    He's down for a nap if I want to nap. He's down for a walk if I want to walk. He's down for a snow cone if I want a snow cone. It really works out great for me.
  10. He brings me breakfast to work when I don't get out of bed on time.
  11. Static