I'm listing all my favorite holiday memories to get me hyped for the next two weeks.
  1. When my brother got his dog, Heidi.
    He wanted a puppy and kept asking and asking. When he was in the 7th grade and I was in the 10th we walked around the corner on Christmas morning and my dad let the puppy run to him. I couldn't quit crying, and still sometimes cry, because of the sweet look of pure joy on his face.
  2. Heidi, cont.
    This is Heidi. Random fact: we think she knew my mom had cancer before we knew. She started acting really strange and being obsessed with my mom. Sure enough when mom went to the doctor they found 2 lumps in her breast.
  3. My sister got really mad because she didn't have a personalized ornament for the tree. She's 13 years younger than me so it's just one of those things my parents quit doing. Last year she went to her room really upset. I made her one. This year she put it back on the tree. ❤ 10 year olds are funny.
  4. My freshmen year my dad woke us up and said it was snowing outside. We live in Texas and had never seen a white Christmas. We didn't believe him until he pulled up the blinds. We were so pumped.
  5. One Christmas my brother & I got jerseys of our favorite NBA players (Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, if you're curious) and the movie Like Mike. We made a pallet in the floor and watched that movie over and over while wearing our jerseys and playing board games. Finally, about the 29th or 30th dad told us we had to do something else with our time.
  6. When I was little my family didn't have much money, and it got really icy outside during Christmas break. Our heater wasn't working very well so we built a fire and turned on the oven and opened it. My mom made a fun game out of all of it. Then she gave us slippers that were going to be a Christmas present. It was just really sweet of her.
    She was just worried about our feet getting too cold.
  7. My brother or sister ruining someone's Christmas present every year. I'm a steel trap so they don't even come to me, but they trick each other into telling what they got, or they make a deal. A secret for a secret. It's a cute thing I never get in on because I'm too much of a rule follower. Can you say oldest child??
  8. Last year my sister accidentally called my husband "Santa and couldn't quit laughing afterward. For reference, this is a photo of them together.
  9. As I think of more I will post.