Requested by @aubreywhy Thanks for my first request!
  1. So, when I met my husband I was 18 and he was 25.
  2. Some of my friends knew him and he invited them over to watch a movie one night after our church service.
    By proxy they just thought I would be invited.
  3. When we got there, he answered the door and had been sleeping.
    He was a BEAR.
  4. He was mad we came over so late (I found out he told them to come at 10pm. This was 12am), mad one of the girls asked for a drink, and mad that a college freshman he didn't know was standing in his kitchen.
    The drink she asked for is a wonderful concoction of sweet tea and a lot of other things he said I can't tell y'all. It's top secret. And magical. They let me try it and he got mad about that because you were supposed to "earn" getting to try it by being his friend. (He has changed). He then asked me if I was a sorority girl. I was not. Then he asked us to leave.
  5. As we left I asked the other girls "Does that guy hate me?"
    For some reason though something in my heart said that we would get married. Probably says I have a really messed up heart 😅
  6. The next week I saw him on campus and he apologized profusely.
    It was really sweet.
  7. Then we just quit talking.
    We saw each other around but we didn't hang out. He was a friend of one of my roommates so I saw him sometimes but it was awkward.
  8. One day he saw me walking on campus. We live in Texas so it was the first cold day of the year and I didn't have a jacket on.
    This honestly happened: even though it sounds so "80s teen movie". He yelled at me and then came over. He had on his famous denim jacket with buttons pinned on it. He was ultra concerned I didn't have a jacket. Finally he took his jacket off, put it on my shoulders, and grabbed my bag and text books and walked me to class. He just told me he'd get his jacket later. This reminded me how I'd felt about him in the beginning.
  9. So fast forward a couple of months. We originally met in August 2011. This is now March 2012.
    We ended up road tripping with a large group for a mission trip in Louisiana where we worked on churches. This is a super long story, but he even says this is when he thought he liked me, but also thought I was a kid.
  10. On the way home from said trip I got really sick.
    He ended up literally giving me the shirt off of his back because I was running fever and all I had was a sweat shirt.
  11. Again. No talking.
  12. About a month later I was driving home from work at the museum when he called me.
    He said he'd seen me drive by while he was walking his dog. He asked if I wanted to go to the park with them. I did. But I was going to a going away party for two friends and I couldn't miss it. I asked for a rain check.
  13. Then I invited him over for lunch twice.
    I cooked. One time my roomies were there. One time they weren't. I cooked everything and ate with him. Still no date invite.
  14. Then I asked him to drive me to Fort Worth (our town is small y'all) to buy birthday gifts for my roommates since my a/c was out and Texas summer is no joke.
  15. Finally a couple of days later he called me and asked me to take his dog to the vet with him.
    On the way back he told me he "dug" me but I was just too young, and the whole race thing. I am from a rural Texas town. He just didn't think it would work. He finally asked me what I thought and I simply said "Well, I've liked you for 8 months, so I'm interested but it's up to you."
  16. Then he went to Miami. I just thought it was over.
  17. One day later I got a text saying "may I call for you"? Of course I said yes. His exact words were, "Screw it, when I come back, can I take you on a date?" And the rest was history.
  18. Side note: when he asked me to be his girlfriend and when he asked me to marry him, gave me a pair of navy blue classic Jack Purcell's sneakers and a pair of high top white converse from the 70's. He's a dream.