2016 has been my least favorite. I've been missing because life has been seriously punching me in the face. But also some good things.
  1. Lost a few friendships.
    Really found out that some people are not who I thought they were nor do they seriously care about me. I was a pawn used to get them what they needed. Anything beyond that wasn't their concern.
  2. My husband lost his job. This week. During the holidays.
    I can't go here yet. Still too fresh. We are gonna be okay. I know that's the truth.
  3. Buying a house fell through.
    Also pretty fresh. But definitely good in hindsight because, well, my husband lost his job.
  4. Did a Whole30
    Seriously changed how I think about food. I've lost 20 pounds and my husband has lost 55. I'm bummed because I can't lose anymore right now but still working on it. If you've never done one, you should do it.
  5. Lost my husbands grandmother.
  6. Got off of depression meds.
    I'm going to counseling once a week. It's really going well.
  7. Had a falling out with in-laws
  8. My best friend got married to the man of her dreams
  9. Had a friend attempt suicide.
  10. Paid off a car.
  11. Interracial marriage in these political times.
    It's been easier. And I know for others years before me, it's been harder.
  12. We got a Basset Hound Puppy
    Meet Bill Murray