I somehow went my whole life and experienced no Harry Potter spoilers. I read all 7 books in 2 and a half months. It was a roller coaster.
  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
  2. How has CPS not been called on the Dursleys?
    These are terrible people. I am a social worker. This kid would have already been placed.
  3. Hagrid. I want him as a pet.
    Weird feeling. But he is just so furry and sweet.
  4. Sweet Professor Quirrell.
    I love people that stutter. My dad does so I just love it.
  5. Wow. Snape should die.
  6. Dumbledore is pretty much the same as my Granny Kate if he was a woman.
    So much wisdom.
  7. Ron rules.
  8. Hermione is a know it all. My kind of girl.
  9. Ron would actually die for his friends. What a beast.
  10. Oh wow. Quirrel. I have seriously been fooled.
    You were so cute and nice. Now you're awful.
  11. Harry should get in some sort of trouble right? He did do the very thing he was told not to do.
    No? Okay let's move on then.
  12. So glad Neville gets some recognition. He was really trying to do the right thing.
    And he's a little sweetie.
  13. What?? He has to go back to the Dursley's?? What tha?
    Pretty much walked to the library from my apartment to get the 2nd book immediately.