My body has changed. I am officially in the double digits in my pants and dress sizes and if I'm definitely XL/L in the junior section. Plus my tits are now a C/D cup. Here's how I feel...
  1. Okay. I have no plans on losing the extra inches unless my heart is in trouble. It's not. Not even close.
  2. Excited. I feel like I got a boob job now that I have the correct bra size, and I never thought I'd see the day I fit into anything bigger than a B cup.
  3. Happy. Buying new clothes is fun and new challenge. It's a chance to be creative with this new body that my soul has chosen.
  4. A sense of insecurity. I do feel that certain people (not everyone) will judge me, feel like they know better and think I'm "unhealthy," feel superior to me. But they don't. I get regular blood test because of TS and they check everything. I'm not in trouble. Trust me.
  5. Ownership of my body. I feel in more control of my body by proclaiming my extra weight and refusing to hide it. Self love is everything.