Everything Good 3-25-16 and 2-26-16

  1. It took me until my mid-40s, but I finally purchased a matching bedroom set. It was delivered Friday, and I finally feel like an official grown up. Because apparently birthing and raising a baby, getting married, having a successful career, and buying a house were just preparation for bed, night stands, and dresser that match.
  2. Appreciating the strange juxtaposition of my wife leading an Indian singing meditation in Sanskrit in the room next to the sanctuary where a Lutheran church was having Good Friday service. God bless America!
  3. The smell of lilies and hyacinth
  4. A king size mattress
  5. Having lunch with best niece #1
  6. And best niece #2
  7. Homemade tamales and Culver's concrete mixer for dinner
  8. Bernie Sanders winning Alaska and Washington #feelthebern