Everything Good 4-1 to 4-4-2016

I had so many good things happening I had no time for listing!
  1. The Peapod delivery driver who let me keep their cold cases when my order was delivered while the power was out.
  2. Hugging my friends Kim and Kimberlee after months apart
  3. Bonding with my youth on the way to a youth conference
  4. The joy on the faces of my youth when they see friends from previous cons
  5. Worshipping with 130 other Unitarian Universalist youth and adults
  6. Leading a workshop on queer issues
  7. Listening to a talk by a man who exemplifies grace and generosity of spirit
  8. Dancing the time warp
  9. The UU miracle of erasing all evidence of 130 people sleeping in a church before the first service
  10. The post con shower
  11. Seeing my wife after four days apart
  12. SLEEP
  13. Making it through the first day back at work!