Crap I wish I would have invented

Really?!?! Why didn't I think of that? ThingsI wished I'd invented and became wealthier than God (or J.K. Rowling).
  1. The spout on the side of a paper carton.
    When I was a kid we had to actually touch the carton to open it... and God forbid you tear it, milk is going everywhere!
  2. Build a Bear
    Seriously, I don't think you can get a kid out of there for under $50. What stuffed animal doesn't need to be tricked out with shoes, eyeglasses and "hair" bows?
  3. Moving sidewalks
    The Jetsons made it look so easy... why didn't I just follow thier lead?
  4. iTunes
    If my 17 year old self could have bought a song (not the album) for less than $2. And played it over and over and over again....