Places/things I would love to have to myself for an entire day

I am a very sharing person but sometimes I just want to get away from it all. I would love to not wait in line or fight crowds.
  1. Movie Theater
    I would love to have a whole movie theater to myself AND pick all the movies. No one kicking my seat, no flashing cell phone screens... sheer bliss. Add quick rewind to replay all the best moments.
  2. Cedar Point Amusement Park
    All the fun of the best roller coasters on the planet without the hour plus wait in line.
  3. An Airplane
    I can't imagine how much more well rested I'd be if I didn't have to share an armrest/leg heat with a perfect stranger.
  4. The library
    I could sit anywhere and read and read.... maybe even take a short nap in the stacks.
  5. The remote control
    My darling husband often "forgets" to sit this between us on the sofa and I have to go hunting for it when he dozes off.
  6. The zoo
    I get to feed and pet all the animals of my choosing