1. Dirty Dancing
    Quintessential television viewing. You just don't put Baby in the corner, y'all.
  2. Harry Potter and the Incredibly British Thing or Person
    Basically... any Harry Potter. Gimme.
  3. Craig Brewer
    Nuff said.
  4. Tim Burton
    Also self-explanatory
  5. The Fifth Element
    If you don't love this movie or will at least pretend to watch it quietly and commiserate with me that all taxi drivers don't look like Bruce Willis in this movie, we can't be friends.
  6. Grease
    It's just a staple. You have to sing along with Summer Nights. It's required.
  7. Twilight
    My DVR always records the last five minutes of this before American Horror Story and I'm always too lazy to fast forward through it. I feel that is the true horror, my friends.