I Just Saw 10 Cloverfield Ln.

Don't worry, no spoilers!
  1. John Goodman plays creepy damn well!
    What happened, Fred Flintstone?!
  2. I love that I was guessing the whole entire movie.
    Is he crazy? Did something really happen? No he's just crazy. Well...but...maybe something did happen?
  3. I was scared it was going to be scary.
    It's not a horror-esque scary, but a mystery thinker kind of suspense movie. I only jumped once!
  4. I think more movies should only have 3 actors.
    It felt really intimate and you got attached to each character right off the bat.
  5. I just really really liked it.
    I keep talking about it to everyone I'm around but no one has seen it yet. 🙄 Hence, this list. I just gotsta talk about it! 😝