Predictions for the New Gilmore Girls Episodes

I'll be there on the next train.
  1. Rory is a White House reporter after traveling through Barack Obama's presidency but is figuring out what to do next since his term is coming to a close.
    She is still single and struggling with whether or not she has put too much emphasis on her career and not enough on her love life. Does this storyline ever get old? Probably not until women don't feel they have to choose between relationships and career so...keep this storyline alive! Who runs the world? Girls.
  2. Lane's little family has formed a family band such as The Brady Bunch or Partridge Family, but Zach doesn't feel that his talents are being used to full capacity.
    Her mom is still crazy.
  3. Paris is now a professor back at Yale teaching journalism and leaving terrified students in her wake. She is also the best professor at Yale and has a waiting list for her hellish class.
  4. Lorelai & Luke are already married, because do we really want to go through another will they/won't they season with them? They are doing great, but they are used to being so independent that marriage has it's difficulties and just enough drama for some good tv. The inn and diner are both doing well due to the increase in Stars Hollow real estate.
  5. Sookie is still crazy cool and funny and wise and wonderful. Can you tell she is one of my fave characters? Her and Lorelai's friendship continues to blossom with high speed conversations and margarita drinking.
  6. Grandma is dealing with life after Richard's death. After months of over scheduling her life to keep distracted, she has a breakdown at a DAR meeting. Lorelai lets her stay with her for an episode and the bond over how much they miss him.
  7. Paul Anka gets 1st place at the Stars Hollow dog show, and Kirk gets upset because his show poodle who has been on a strict no carb, grass fed, and organic diet gets 2nd. Foul play is suspected.
  8. Dean, Jess, and Logan triple kiss.
  9. Hmm...what else?