1. Currently indulging in long showers, flushing after I pee and leaving the water running while I brush my teeth until I have to go cold turkey
  2. Is perfect temperature boring (one concern)
  3. Missing east coast summers - my absolute favorite season - its not like that anywhere else in the world
  4. Missing that brisk feeling on a bright blue freezing day in NYC when you really feel that glass of red wine is deserved by the end of it
  5. The fear of boredom
  6. Looking forward to much better west coast gangster rap radio stations
  7. Driving home (to SF) for the holidays instead of flying - basically everyone gets more xmas gifts
  8. Looking forward to not being in a long distance relationship anymore
  9. Will I hate the yoga there 😁 no offense everyone
  10. Is LA really a city of air - people just talking and talking but not getting anything done? Actually done ... Hopefully I will be proven wrong
  11. I want a deck. A large closet. A LARGE closet. A view. A kitchen I can throw dinner parties in (no one in NYC knows I am actually domestic and like to cook given the right kitchen)