1. Couldnt stand that "holier than thou" approach
  2. Wanted students who came with us to Brazil to know we may get a "little bad" there
  3. As my response to the addictive spiritual practitioner who loses a sense of individual responsibility and functions well in the "real world"
  4. To make people feel welcome and included in a yoga practice no matter who they were or what they have been up to
  5. To reiterate the original yogi who rebelled against the ego and became one with the harmony of nature
  6. To remind people that flexibility in a physical sense is not what expresses success in yoga
  7. To take people put of their routines and delve into deep practice with a relatively small group of students so I would actually know their names and backstories
  8. Because I was young and far from being a Guru but some students were seeing me that way - I wanted to return them to their own personal power and wisdom instead of having a fantasy about who I was