1. What people start to think when you tell them you teach yoga
  2. That people pretend that they are going to your class when you meet them and they ask you to recite your schedule (I know you wont memorize it)
  3. Wearing leggings everyday - believe it or spandex is eventually uncomfortable and jeans and heels are!
  4. The expectation of being happy all the time and positive (I think I have successfully nixed this but just in case you still assume this) - the faux yoga happy is so boring and never the full story
  5. The playlist that is so good but you have heard 70,000 times and cant bare to leave it behind for another or hear it again
  6. Basically all yoga mats - too slippery too rough too stinky too chic too heavy - come on people - get it right!
  7. The yoga voice
  8. The endless spiritual materialism that speaks nothing of your virtue
  9. A class that feels like it takes FOREVER
  10. Gymnasts who become yoga teach and contort themselves to appear good at yoga
  11. Yoga