1. The service doesnt work in Los Angeles, basically anywhere
  2. The service doesnt work in New York City, basically anywhere
  3. While on the phone with customer service trying to commit to another 24 months of $170 per month, the call dropped ...
  4. I called back to complete the order and no one could "open" my unfinished upgrade order
  5. They passed me to several different service agents whom they promised could access the order, obviously you know what happened
  7. Also every employee has been given a different set of rules, policies and leeway with customers
  8. None of their policies are enforced and yet all of them are
  9. I had to write this again because my phone just went blank
  10. The service doesnt work anywhere
  11. They cant call you back, even though they are a phone company
  12. Their website doesnt work even though they are an internet provider
  13. I am currently paying them to write this about them
  14. They insisted I make an appointment at their store to pick up my new phone (which I've already paid for), and while my new phone sat directly in front of me at the store for two hours, and their ipads couldnt complete the order...
  15. ...they finally inform me that I cannot take my new phone unless I leave my old phone (which would take over an hour to set up) despite the email I received stating that I had 10 days to send back my old phone
  16. The manager told me the email att sent me was a glitch in their system
  17. I told him that he was a glitch in the system
  18. I walked out of the store with no new phone
  19. I am writing this from my old iphone
  20. Which Im dying to replace because no matter what I delete and delete of the deleted, I "cannot take another photo"
  21. And my calls drop constantly
  22. And the "email is not responding" message is obsessed with me
  23. And this is the email address they gave me to complain: kh124r@att.com to make a complaint
  24. The weird part is, I was just trying to pay you more money!!!! Im literally begging you to take it
  25. And you rejected me. Att wireless rejected me
  26. And, I still pay my bill