Thanks for the request @veshecco! I love this idea!
  1. I love making lists!
    I don't really make a lot of lists in my everyday life. If I do I usually forget to look at them, and so I just don't, but this app makes list making so much more fun and creative!
  2. I'm the worst at making lists, though.
    I've been on this app for almost a year and a half, and I think I still have less than fifty lists.
  3. My friends will never understand the draw of this app.
    I've explained it so many times, but they do not get it.
  4. So many suggestions for new artists to listen to, books to read, movies and TV shows to watch, etc.
    John Moreland, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Master of None, The Shacks, basically I would be nowhere without
  5. A recipe for making soft pretzels out of pizza dough!!
    I don't remember who posted it, but I have made those pretzels so many times, and they are life-changing.
  6. People are so smart and creative and funny.
    It's honestly unbelievable.
  7. Care packages are amazing, and people are incredibly generous even if they're complete strangers.
  8. All caps titles are still the best.
    Never forget
  9. The use of gifs is a very useful skill.
    Makes almost any list, text, email, or other form of communication instantly funnier.
  10. People are so kind.
    I have had so many nice response to lists that I thought were stupid and have had so many great interactions with people that I have never met ❤️❤️