Inspired by @tombatten
  1. Colorado
    Went to a wedding in Estes Park and during the reception a goat was just walking around outside. Also the mountains!!!
  2. Connecticut
    A youth group trip. Helped rebuild a house that had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
  3. Florida
    Went on a family vacation here like 15 years ago. It was way too hot, and we didn't even go to Disney.
  4. Illinois
    Chicago is the love of my life
  5. Indiana
    The crossroads of America
  6. Kentucky
    McQuixote coffee shop and bookstore.
  7. Maryland
    National Museum of Health and Medicine. Got caught in the rain walking back to the train.
  8. Michigan
    Mostly the UP. My family went camping there all the time. Also I saw Sia in Detroit.
  9. Minnesota
    The Mall of America
  10. Missouri
    I've been here twice. Both times it was about a million degrees.
  11. New York
    Drove from Ohio to see Shia Lebeouf
  12. Ohio
    I went to college here for two years. I met so many beautiful people, and Columbus is one of my favorite cities I've been in.
  13. Oregon
    The waterfalls are beautiful. Also, I love Portland and Powell's.
  14. Pennsylvania
    It feels like it takes about 12 days to drive through. Literally the worst.
  15. South Dakota
    Very pretty. Mount Rushmore is just okay.
  16. Tennessee
    Coffee shops, bookstores, donuts. 10/10 would recommend.
  17. Virginia
    Another youth group trip. We worked on rebuilding a family's house.
  18. Washington
    The mountains are beautiful.
  19. Washington DC
    Does this count as a state? Either way, did all the touristy thing, and it was great.
  20. West Virginia
    Takes about 12 seconds to drive through. Also my friend and I stopped at a gas station at 3 am on our way to New York—terrifying
  21. Wisconsin
    Home ❤️❤️
  22. Wyoming
    THE MOUNTAINS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Also I went rappelling off a 1000 ft cliff, and it was terrifying.