High School Musical is life, so thank you for requesting this list.
  1. Chad Danforth
    Honestly, he seems like the most fun person out of all of them. Even more dedicated to basketball than Troy Bolton, but also comes around to the whole theater situation eventually. Also, his t-shirts add so much to the films.
  2. Ryan Evans
    Mostly Ryan during the second movie. I would like to be part of his and Gabriella's crew after the baseball game eating her mom's brownies.
  3. Kelsi Nielson
    She seems super chill, and is also a composer who's on her way to Julliard? I would very much like to sit at the piano and drink tea with her.
  4. Ms. Darbus
    One of the best characters in the movies. Also, when Troy decides to do all the theater things, it was basically all because of her.
  5. Martha Cox
    "HIP HOP IS MY PASSION". Martha kills it. She is the best part of one of the best songs. She REFUSES to stick to the status quo.
  6. Gabriella Montez
    She seems so sweet. Also she's the one who makes everyone do the musical during the summer, and she always reminds everyone that they're all in this together.
  7. Zeke
    He seems like a great person, but I would mostly be friends with him to try all of his bakes.
  8. Sharpay Evans
    She has the best musical numbers, and she carries her dog with her everywhere.
  9. Troy Bolton
    Troy seems like an okay person, but I'm not super interested in basketball, snowboarding (or more basketball). Also, he's basically the worst in the second movie. But he's the one who thinks of the plan so they can sing in the audition in the first movie, so that's definitely a plus.