Except for li.st of course—I feel like this is so different than any other form of social media.
  1. I have wasted too much time trying to curate the perfect caption for photos
  2. I have spent too much time checking my phone to see how many likes or retweets I've gotten
  3. I have spent too much time trying to make my life seem better than it is
    Not that's it's bad, but it's not always insta worthy
  4. I realized today that when I use social media it's usually to make my life seem great other people
    And I don't want to continue to do so. I love my life. It's great. I shouldn't feel the need for validation from other people that my life is good.
  5. I've already stopped using Twitter and Facebook and I'm holding on to Instagram, but I think it's time to let it go.
  6. I already care too much about what people think. Social media just makes it worse for me.
  7. And I'm saying this here because like so many other people, I'm so bad at sharing my feelings in real life.
  8. So shoutout to li.st for being chill and a welcoming place for stuff like this.
  9. I have shared my feelings for the year now
  10. And I am equally relieved and uncomfortable
    Which sounds about right