Last 10 albums I listened to in their entirety

Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Here
    Alicia Keys-So beautiful. So good. I loved this so much. She is an amazing human being, and this album is also amazing.
  2. A Seat at the Table
    Solange-I think she is maybe the most beautiful person in the world and her music is no different.
  3. Simply Christmas
    Leslie Odom Jr.-I usually am not a big fan of the song, "My Favorite Things," but the way he sings it is MY favorite thing (I'm sorry I had to 🙃)
  4. Carrie and Lowell
    Sufjan Stevens-I often listen to this in the morning, and it's my favorite album by him.
  5. Awaken, My Love!
    Childish Gambino-I'm still not sure about this one. Because the Internet was so good. This is is very different from that, and I think I need to listen to it a few more times to decide how I feel about it.
  6. Blackstar
    David Bowie-It took me way too long to finally listen to this. I absolutely love it. It's sad and beautiful and perfect.
  7. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Simon and Garfunkel-One of my favorites and a classic.
  8. 22, A Million
    Bon Iver-I have listened to this so many times. I think I love it more every time, too? It's so interesting and different. I liked this even more than I expected to because I wasn't a huge fan of his other albums.
  9. The Hamilton Mixtape
    I loved this more than I thought I would. Usher singing Wait For It was something I never knew I needed in my life. Bless Lin Manuel-Miranda for creating this.
  10. PHOX
    PHOX-This is one of my absolute favorite albums. Her voice is so beautiful. This band is going on a hiatus, but they're going on a farewell tour. So, if they're anywhere near where you live you should absolutely go. They are SO GOOD!