My grandpa is 94 and one of the most amazing people I know
  1. He was a pilot in World War II
    For his 90th birthday, my brother and dad made him a model of the plane he flew. I can still picture him sitting in his rocking chair holding the plane and telling us stories of his plane flying days for three hours straight
  2. He is always happy
    I don't think I've ever heard him complain once
  3. He volunteered
    Until recently my grandpa would volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul
  4. He is so loved
    My dad and his brothers and sisters love him so much. All of his family and friends love him so much.
  5. He puts horseradish on everything
    So weird. Also kind of disgusting, but this is something that both my dad and uncle also do now.
  6. He loves the Green Bay packers
    So does my entire family, but it's all because of him. He moved to Green Bay and got season tickets when it only cost four dollars for a ticket. He always tells us about how everyone in Green Bay would get dressed up and go to the Packer game