New Shirts at Gap Ranked by How Likely I Would Buy Them for Someone I Secretly Hate

We got a new shipment of men's graphic t's today, and I had the privilege of opening the boxes. I just think of the people who saw the ideas for these and thought, "Yes, let's put that on a shirt!" If all of these made it to stores, what were the ideas that didn't??
  1. 5.
    A picture of a camera with the text "Oh snap"
  2. 4.
    An eye chart that said forever forever forever forever etc.
  3. 3.
    A photo of a landscape with the word "epic" in dramatic small black font
  4. 2.
    A shirt that just said "Video Chilled the Radio Star"
    You read that right. VIDEO CHILLED THE RADIO STAR
  5. 1.
    A picture of a guitar pick with the words "That strikes a chord"
    I almost cried