Christmas break has given me life
  1. If college doesn't work out, I think I'm qualified to start remodeling houses
    I have watched so much HGTV these past few weeks. It's honestly embarrassing how much I've watched. I feel like I could be part of Chip and Joanna's family.
  2. I've actually had time to read books and write things.
    Having nothing to do means having ridiculous amounts of time to read books ❤️❤️❤, and also write here and there
  3. I've gotten to hang out with my mom so much
    Moms are the best. Especially mine. I have like three friends when I come home from school, and we are all the worst at making plans. That's okay, though, because my mom is actually the best person to be with ❤️❤️
  4. I've gotten so much sleep
    I would typically go to bed right after Jimmy Fallon's show, and then wake up at around 10. I can think of few things that are better than living life like this.
  5. Ugh. I'm kind of dreading starting another semester of school
    But, it has to happen.